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*!*!*!READ THIS FIRST!*!*!*!* - Starting a Trip thread
« on: July 08, 2010, 10:20:58 AM »
Guys& Gals

Please follow this format when posting a new trip up into the trips section.

Trip location & date  ie. baldy, kuskoil, ect

Trip meeting point/i] ie shell station, somebodies house, ect...

Time of gathering at the meeting place

A good practice is to post a trip at the start of the week. This gives people ample time to organize and chime in if "they" are going to attend your organized trip.

The trips section is ONLY for scheduling trips and trip writeup/follow ups. If you are not posting a trip,  please use the BS section for feelers.

All trips must display  pictures or video of the action.
This is a web wheeling site, we want to SEE your fun to...No

Thank you!

your local admin dude.
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